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Week 3 Learning Team Assignment - Running Head HORACE GUMP...

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Running Head: HORACE GUMP EXERCISE 1 Horace Gump Exercise Learning Team D Law 531 9 August 2010 Kathleen Butler
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HORACE GUMP EXERCISE 2 This is a binding contract between Mr. Horace Gump (henceforth referred to as the “Proprietor”) and Ms. Nettie Samaritan (niece to the Proprietor, henceforth referred to as the “Beneficiary”) in regards to the management and disposition of all monies and properties belonging to the aforementioned Proprietor. Both the Proprietor and Beneficiary have agreed to have TLC Law Partners (Learning Team D) prepare and execute the signing of this contract by both parties. Both the Proprietor and Beneficiary have agreed to the following terms and conditions of this contract: A. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Proprietor Proprietor: Horace Gump Address: Bisbee, Arizona Phone: 874-589-1324 SSN: XXX-XX-XXXX Birth Date: 11/12/1930 B. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Beneficiary Proprietor: Nettlie Samaritan Address: Fairbanks, Alaska Phone: 478-890-6142 SSN: XXX-XX-XXXX Birth Date: 04/17/1980 C. TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1. The Proprietor is responsible for all moving expenses (not to exceed $20,000 (USD)) incurred by the Beneficiary relocating from Fairbanks, Alaska to Bisbee, Arizona). The move must be completed no later than 60 days from the final signing of this contract. a. If Beneficiary voluntarily terminates employment within 60 months of date of hire, Beneficiary agrees to reimburse Proprietor for all relocation reimbursements paid.
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