Workforce Reduction wk 5 - Running Head: Workforce...

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Unformatted text preview: Running Head: Workforce Reduction Simulation Workforce Reduction Simulation Charles Blackstone Law 531 23 August 2010 Kathleen Butler CARL HAINES WORKFORCE REDUCTION SIMULATION (a) Identify the key employment concepts and laws that would affect his or her employment status (be sure to cite the text as appropriate); Carl has complained before to you about being harassed by co-workers regarding his sexual orientation. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, he could claim discrimination based on gender. Title VII states that EEOC’s rules and court decisions prohibit employment discrimination based on gender, pregnancy, and sexual orientation.” (b) Explain whether there are any extenuating regulatory circumstances (e.g., exceptions to the employment at will doctrine, or a collective bargaining agreement, or the status of employee versus independent contractor) that would affect the decision to terminate each; Carl was hired as s contractor, meaning he can be laid off at anytime. If we can no longer afford his services or do not need his services any more than we can (c) Identify how your decision regarding each candidate is in the best interests of the company. I chose to keep Carl he is working hard and pulling his weight. Additionally, Carl just complained about one of his co-workers harassing him about his sexual orientation. Carl could easily use this case against us especially since the investigation went in his favor....
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Workforce Reduction wk 5 - Running Head: Workforce...

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