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I believe that out of all the theories of biology, Evolution by natural selection is something that is very relatable to news today. Darwin was the first to propose a scientifically testable explanation for the diversity of life, it is why there are so many different kinds of living things on earth. There was so many living things on earth that we are trying to find out more about and are trying to understand species still to this day with the evolution of their generations. I was watching Discovery and this guy was catching rattle snakes and venomous lizards to get their venom so he could test it and find out more about all that the venom carried that reminds me a lot of how evolution by natural selection is still very effective this day and, will always be. Inheritance is another theory Darwin has formulated about evolution and how the traits from parents are inherited by off springs. Genes are a big key point in inheritance, Mendel and Darwin
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Unformatted text preview: connected the idea that evolution and inheritance is connected intimately. The cell theory states that, all organisms are composed of cells and all cells come from preexisting cells. The cell is the smallest unit that is capable of exhibiting all of the characteristics of life. Biological Classification is the evolutionary approach on how we organize and classify organisms today. Bioenergetics is the energy that powers life and operates according to the same rules that govern energy in the inanimate universe. Homeostasis is the narrow limits that organisms function best under when their internal conditions hit these narrow limits and are still able to maintain stable conditions. Organisms interacting with one another and in their environments is the prime example of Ecosystems, it recognizes that organisms do not exist alone....
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