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Appendix B Matrix - I had to write out Appendix Bs Matrix...

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I had to write out Appendix B’s Matrix because for some reason, my computer wouldn’t let me save it as a new file. So, I tried my best to re-create it. Political Differences- North- The north were federalists, they were led by Alexander Hamilton, believed wealthy and well educated should lead the nation, favored a strong central government. South- The south was Democratic Republicans, they were led by Thomas Jefferson, and believed people should have political power, favored strong state government. Economic Differences- North- The North had an industrial based economy and, they were represented with the Whig party. South- The South was agriculturally based, it was represented by Democrats and they encouraged slavery. Social Differences- North- the North had a huge influx of Irish and German immigrants, who fought for the Union in the Civil War in exchange for an immediate citizenship, and there were a number of Free Blacks who made up regiments in the Union Army , and they fought bravely. I believe the North had a stronger
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