Cold war checkpoint

Cold war checkpoint - nations in proxy wars Although the US...

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The Cold war was a period of competition, conflict and tension between the Soviet Union and the United States. It took a main part in 1940 until the 1990s. Throughout this period, the rivalry between the two unfolded in many areas. Such as, military coalitions, ideology, psychology, and espionage. There was never a direct military engagement between the United States and the Soviet Union but there was half a century of military buildup as well as political battles for support around the world including significant involvement of allied and satellite
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Unformatted text preview: nations in proxy wars. Although the US and the Soviet Union had been allied against the Nazi Germany, the two sides differed on how to reconstruct the postwar world even before the end of World War two. Over the following decades, the Cold War spread outside Europe to every region of the world, as the US sought the "containment" of communism and forged numerous alliances to this end, particularly in Western Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Nuclear weapons also played a big part....
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