European societal changes checkpoint

European societal changes checkpoint - was beginning in new...

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Explorations started with people such as pacific islanders and they were people looking for places to inhabit, then there are people like Marco Polo who was trying to see what goods can be traded. But, the Europeans who came to America were looking for Gold’s and Riches. To start things off, exploration was largely impacted by the desire to extend power and rule, and during the 19 th century land, money and resources were essential and sought after by all the main European Powers. They’d explore to try and find more of what they can turn into riches for themselves; it was a never ending European quest for gold. The age of exploration
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Unformatted text preview: was beginning in new technologies and ideas that grew out of the Renaissance, these included advances in cartography which is what was used to draw out the designs of ships, navigation such as the compos and shipbuilding which improved highly with the advances of Europe. The most important development was the invention of the Carrach and then the Caravel in Iberia they were European and Arab designs of the first ships that could explore over the Mediterranean and Atlantic....
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