seven years war letter

seven years war letter - Dear Reader, I live in the South...

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I live in the South where we are really focused on the profit and economic gain of agriculture. We have been blessed with great cropping weather and we have been able to produce many crops and plantations. Tobacco and rice are our main crops, we like to trade with others for profit and continue to make our profits and populations grow. The crops started to grow so much that a lot of plantation owners here have turned to forced slave labor from Africa. The south has so many slaves now that we have become known as the slave society. Politically, the South thinks that slave labor is a good idea and that it is the only way to keep up with the growth of the crops and continue making a profit. The government makes a lot of money from this slave trading so I think that slave labor will be around forever being that so much is being made from it. I feel bad for the slaves and wish I could help them but, I can’t and it helps my family make money by having their help out in the crops. Many of my family members like to spend their time raising families and crops, they really cared about making agricultural popular in the south and industry prominent in the north. Where I live there is a lot of diversity with the immigrants as they are called, the people that live here that have different origins and cultures in their lifestyles. The main ones being the blacks and the whites. These diversities started separating the people living in eighteenth-century America into three different areas. Within these three different regions people build homes differently, grow different crops, and have different values and lifestyles than one another. New England colonies have the English Puritans social order. A lot of the New England colonies are members of a radical Protestant division. They follow a lot of what John Calvin has said we also know them as Calvinists. The Puritans are a self-governing community and the
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seven years war letter - Dear Reader, I live in the South...

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