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Assignment 1 draft

Assignment 1 draft - English 12 Adult Assignment 1.2 Three...

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English 12 Adult Assignment 1.2: Three Draft Paragraphs April 5 th 2011-04-05 Theresa Robinson DESCRIPTIVE PARAGRAPH
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My Favourite room in my home My favourite room in my house is my lounge. The room is approximately 800 square feet, so it’s a large room. It’s very open plan, the dining room and lounge are joined but what really opens the room up is the large window which is also a door to the balcony from which I can enjoy the view of Bear Mountain and the communal garden that’s just outside. The Walls are a neutral color of cream; the color also matches the drapes that hang over the balcony door. The carpet is grey and it’s carpeted throughout the whole apartment. Photos of my daughter and family members hang on the wall in dark wooden frames giving the room a personal touch. The majority of the pictures are of my daughter the day she was born. The couch is a two piece sectional sofa that fits into the corner near the balcony door.
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