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Chapter 29_study aides - 9 What is special about the cell...

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Chapter 29: Protista study aide (4 min) (4 min) (1min rap) 1. Name the different divisions/phylum of the kingdom Protista. 2. Which type of algae is not single celled? 3. Draw or cut-and-paste a picture of an amoeba here, label the parts. How does an amoeba move? 4. How does a Euglena obtain its nutrients? 5. Draw a picture of a paramecium, label the parts. Describe the functions of each part. 6. What are diatoms? 7. How are diatoms and swimming pools related (hint: filtration & D. E. - diatomaceous earth)? 8. What is Chagas’ disease? What Protist causes this disease?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What is special about the cell wall of the dinoflagellates? Show an example. 10. Explain how dinoflagellates can cause a “red tide” and how it can harm humans? 11. Name five different species of protist. (list the Genus species name) 12. What are 5 characteristics of Diplomonads 13. Name 4 things that provide evidence for the Endosymbiosis hypothesis. Terminology (this list is not exhaustive) Ciliates Dinoflagellates Endosymbiosis Euglenoids Eukaryotes Monophyletic Paraphyletic Phototrophic Protozoan Pseudopodia Flagellates Heterotrophs Mixotrophic Pseudopods Schizogony Contractile vacuoles...
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Chapter 29_study aides - 9 What is special about the cell...

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