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Chapter 32_study aides

Chapter 32_study aides - (2 Triploblastic(a Bilateral...

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Chapter 32: Animal diversity study guide 1) Animal features a) Heterotrophs b) Multicellular c) No cell walls d) Most can move e) Very diverse in form and habitat f) Most reproduce sexually g) Characteristic embryonic development h) Cells organized into tissue (except sponges) 2) Evolution of the Animal Body Plan a) Tissues b) Symmetry i) Radial ii) Bilateral c) Body cavity i) Germ layers (1) Ectoderm (2) Mesoderm (3) Endoderm ii) Acoelomate iii) Pseudocoelomate iv) Coelomate d) Development i) Protostomes (1) Spiral cleavage (2) Determinate development ii) Deuterostomes (1) Radial cleavage (2) Indeterminate development e) Segmentation 3) Traditional animal classification a) Anatomy b) Embryology i) Parazoa – lack symmetry and tissues ii) Eumetazoa – symmetry and tissues (1) Diploblastic (a) Radial symmetry
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Unformatted text preview: (2) Triploblastic (a) Bilateral symmetry (b) Type of coelom (c) Type of development (i) Protostomes (ii) Deuterostomes 4) Classification by molecular systematics a) The mysterious case of the myzostomids b) Classification by gene and protein similarities c) 1 major reclassification i) Protostomes split (1) Ecdysozoa (2) Spiralia Terminology (this list is not exhaustive) Acoelomates Archenteron Blastopore Blastula Caelom Cephalization Coelomate Deuterostomes Diplobltastic Ectoderm Endoderm Heterotrophy Eumetazoa Gastrula Mesoderm Parazoa Protosomes Pseudocoelom Pseudocoelomates Triploblastic Meiosis colonial flagellate hypothesis multinucleate hypothesis...
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Chapter 32_study aides - (2 Triploblastic(a Bilateral...

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