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7. Evaluation Overview of the Program Peace Domestic Violence Agency is a non profit organization located in Portland, which serves to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence and sexual assault through proper education and also to provide support to victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault through a form of rehabilitation programs. Over the last several years the numbers of domestic violence cases have been staggering and have been increasing with each year in the Portland area, so to combat these overwhelming numbers Peace Domestic Violence Agency has established with the aid of their professional staff a preventative initiative geared at positive self promotion of confidence and esteem. With the alarming rate of assaults that are being committed by teenagers and many teenagers that are now being the victims, more than ever the agency suggest that something has to be done to rehabilitate citizens that have been affected and influenced by such behavioral patterns. Through providing proper resources and monitoring the cause and effect the agency feels that Portland has every opportunity to being one of the safest communities in the nation. It is with that in mind that the Peace Domestic Violence Agency feels that they will contribute to society by eliminating or decreasing the amount on domestic assault incidents in Portland which can spearhead a national outreach for other organizations to see the necessity to resolve this matter. Assessment PEACE Domestic Violence Agency purpose is to promote an atmosphere of protection, security, and support for individuals and families that are affected by domestic violence. The function of this program is to provide crisis interventions to stop violence in the home. Provide counseling support to those that have experienced episodes of violence youth to adults, parents, siblings, or an entire family. Find a place of shelter for families or individuals needing a safe place to stay outside the home. Educating victims of any assault what the alternatives are to returning to the same violent atmosphere. To inform the local community leaders of such behavioral actions by the citizens that resides in the community. To gather sufficient support from political as well as community leaders to advocate a better services that will enhance the quality of life for all persons in Portland. In researching the statistics of late in Portland, as a large metropolitan city, the region has experienced increasing reports of domestic and youth violence, spousal and child abuse, assault, and incidents of road rage over the last 5 years just as many other major cities in the country. These statistics demonstrate that a horrendous epidemic is growing and it has every opportunity to continue to raise with the years the passes unless something changes the mindset and the behavior of the Portland families. Domestic violence and sexual assault can have a lasting effect on the victims which can cause them to struggle through everyday life in which may impact the families on the victim as well. Just imagine being
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final joyce white - 7 Evaluation Overview of the Program...

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