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BUSINESS LAW Exam 3 – Ch's, 10 TH [29], 11 TH [30], 14 TH [7] I. You should understand the following terms: Agent Anti-counterfeit Consumer Protection Act Apparent Agency Copyright Act Counterfeit Domain name Dual agency Duty of Loyalty Express Agency Fair use Fiduciary Fully disclosed agency Implied Agency Imputed knowledge Independent contractor Irrevocable agency Knock-off Lanham Act License Notification Original work Patent Principal Public domain Ratification Respondent superior Reverse engineering
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Unformatted text preview: Sampling Scope of authority Self-dealing Service mark Termination of agency Trade name Trade secret Trademark Undisclosed agency II. You should also be able to: 1. Explain a Principal’s contract and tort liabilities to third parties for actions taken by agents and employees 2. Discuss the duties Principals and Agents owe to each other 3. Determine what constitutes “intellectual property” (IP) and discuss how IP owners are protected by law from unlawful infringement...
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