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BUSINESS LAW Exam 2 - Contracts Ch's, 5 TH [9], 6 TH [10], 7 TH [13], 8 TH [12], 9 TH [11] I. You should understand the following terms and the context in which they apply: Acceptance Advertisement Agreement Bilateral K Competence Consideration Counteroffer Duress Duty of Good Faith Enforceable Equity maxims E-sign FOB Fraud Implied-in-fact Implied-in-law Infancy Doctrine Innocent Misrepresentation Justifiable reliance Mailbox Rule Mirror Image Rule Mutual mistake Objective theory of Ks Offeree Offeror Promise Promissory estoppel
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Unformatted text preview: Requirements K Rescind Revoke Reward Specific performance Statute of frauds Termination of offer Unconscionable Unenforceable Unilateral K Unilateral Mistake Valid Void Voidable II. You should understand: • The four elements of a K, and why they are important • Which mistakes may allow a K to be rescinded • The elements required to have a contract enforced based on the doctrine of promissory estoppel • The key equitable maxims and how they apply to contract disputes...
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