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TSTM 264 – A CCESS PRACTICE P ERFORMANCE T EST Your boss at Lucky Tire wants to work with and display data about Lucky Tire’s customers and product orders. He asks you to create a table, forms, queries, and report for him. 1. Log into Blackboard and click on Assignments. 2. Click on Access Performance Test and click on LuckyTire.accdb. 3. Click on Save and save the Lucky Tire database to your USB drive. 4. Start Access and open the LuckyTire database from your USB drive. (If the Security Warning appears, click the close message button to close the warning.) 5. Use the information below to create a new table. Save the table as Manufacturers. Make sure you set fields sizes/types appropriately and use an input mask for the manufacturer phone number. Include descriptions for primary, foreign key and any other necessary fields. Manufacturer ID Manufacturer Name Manufacturer Information Manufacturer Phone 0123G GoodTread 123 Road, Columbia, SC 29203 864.325.0032 1234M Michelle 741 Belt Way, Dublin, OH 41244 243.523.2587 3456P Perolli 891 Tire Court, Jacksonville, FL 32568 487.256.1235 7891N Nation 165 Rally Avenue, Athens, GA 30483 132.256.3692 6. Relate the Tire and Manufacturer tables with a one-to-many relationship. Be sure to choose the appropriate settings when you relate them. If there is an error in the relationship (there should be)
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ACCESSPracticePerformanceTest2-23-09 - TSTM 264 ACCESS...

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