364 chapter 13 student

364 chapter 13 student

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Unformatted text preview: Technology Technology Chapter 13 Technology Technology Chapter 13 Newsflash: “APEXs New Leader has Tech Solutions Experience” “These skills will be essential to the development of APEX adoption activities for industry practitioners and the integration of APEX standards into commercial software products.” When has technology come up before in this class? When has it come up before in this class? class? Who and when does it benefit? Who Who? When? Attendees Attendees Goal is to create a community Convenience • Pre­registration • Post surveys Attendees Attendees Engage Audience Prolonging Life of Meeting Planners Planners Online Request for Proposal Virtual Tours (Convention Center) Online Registration Attendee Networking E-Marketing… let’s take a closer look… let’s Websites E­blasts (be careful) Really Simple Syndication (RSS) • (up­to...
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