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364 chapter 12 student

364 chapter 12 student - Legal Issues Legal Chapter 12 What...

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Unformatted text preview: Legal Issues Legal Chapter 12 What falls under legal issues? What Contracts Disabilities Labor Issues Ethics Negotiation Negotiation Bargaining or discussing with a view toward reaching an agreement. Process by which a meeting planner and a hotel representative (or other supplier) reach an agreement on the terms and conditions that will govern their relationship before, during and after a meeting, convention, exposition or event. Contracts Contracts “He who wins is he who is better prepared.” What can be negotiated? What Room rentals Exhibit space rental fee More favorable complimentary room ratio Complimentary room nights for site inspection or set­up Complimentary presidential suite for sponsor or VIPs Complimentary room for meeting manager for event VIP room upgrades Speaker and staff rooms discounted Complimentary beverages or wine and cheese party Room block cutoff date closer to event Pads, easels, bulletin boards, white boards Lecterns and risers, microphones… all A/V needs Right to review and approve bookings for other functions held at the same time as your event EVERYTHING can be negotiable Tips on Contract Negotiating Tips Know your bottom line Always have a second option/alternative Be thorough and do not assume Use specifics… (dates, numbers, etc.) What is Attrition? What Difference between the actual number of sleeping rooms picked up and the number or formula agreed to in the terms of the facility’s contract. Can reduce room block by a specified amount (e.g. 10% – 20%) up to a specified time prior to meeting without incurring damages Cancellation Cancellation Contract should protect both parties Termination Termination Force Majeure or Acts of God Obligations not fulfilled due to occurrences outside the control of either party Risk Risk Contractual Risk Operational Risk Negligent Occurrence Act of God Unusual Risk Insurance Insurance Comprehensive General Liability Association Professional Liability Americans with Disabilities Act Americans How does a meeting planner know who will need accommodations? Waiver Forms Waiver Ethics Ethics It’s Good Business, Soloman and Hanson Ethical errors end careers more quickly and more definitively than any other mistake in judgment or accounting. Ethics provides the broader framework within which business life must be understood. Nothing is more dangerous to a business – or to business in general – than a tarnished public image. Ethics Ethics Supplier Relations Intellectual Material Gifts When in doubt… When taken from “Ethics Defined” meetingsfocus.com When in doubt, one may consider the following: ...
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  • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Americans with Disabilities Act, complimentary  room, favorable complimentary  room

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