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364 Chapters 6 student

364 Chapters 6 student - Chapters 6 Service Contractors...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapters 6 Service Contractors Service Service Contractors Service Service Contractor Anyone who provides a product or service Anyone for the exhibitor or show management during the actual show or conference. the So what is… So GENERAL Service Contractor “__________ Show Contractor” __________ “____________________Contractor” “An organization that provides event An management and exhibitors with a wide range of services, sometimes including, but not limited to, installing and dismantling, creating and hanging signage and banners, laying carpet, and providing booth/stand furniture.” furniture.” General Service Contractor General Account management On-site coordination Pipe and drape Offices Registration areas Set-up and dismantle of Set-up booths booths Planning Material Handling Transportation Services Layout and design Carpet Furniture Graphics Backdrops Interface with labor and Interface unions unions Cleaning Customer services… Details to know… Details General Service Contractors Hired by _______________ or Association Hired Meeting Planner OR OR They are considered part of the They ______________________ (of the facility) and they must be used if you are using the facility OR OR Facility may have exclusive contract and if Facility you use facility, you may be required to use the designated GSC the Specialty Service Contractor --Contractor that deals with a specific area of the show --Contractor production or event service Such as… Such Photography Furniture rental Audiovisuals Business services Catering Cleaning Communications Drayage Electrical Services Floral Services Freight Consulting Computers What is the difference? What Service Contractor Outside company used by clients to provide specific Outside products or services products __________________________ Handles general duties necessary to produce show on-site __________________________ Contractor that deals with a specific area of the show Contractor production or event service, such as photography, furniture rental, or audiovisual equipment rental, Service Contracting Company -How is the company organized? How Administration Sales Logistics Drayage and Warehousing Event Technology Event Services Production Accounting and Finance Terminology Terminology _______________: _______________: Delivery of exhibit materials from the dock to Delivery an assigned exhibit space, removal of empty crates, return of crates at the end of the event for re-crating, and delivery of materials back to the dock for carrier loading back Terminology Terminology ________________________ ______________, usually developed by the ______________, service contractor for an event, containing general event information pertinent to the exhibitor’s participation in an exhibition exhibitor’s Go to… Go GES Exposition Services www.gesexpo.com Trade Unions Trade ______________– specific trade workers ______________– _______ required to be in a trade union _______ If it is NOT a right-to-work state, trade If workers hired do have to be members of a trade union trade Green Efforts… Why go Green? Why _____________ Companies going green are reporting higher Companies gross margins, higher return on sales, higher return on assets and stronger cash flow return Some upfront costs = end result is significant Some savings savings Green Efforts… Why go Green? Why ______________ People want to feel like they are making a People difference difference Sustainability Report = employee retention Sustainability improved in companies that were committed to sustainable efforts sustainable Green Efforts… Hot, Hot, Hot Hot, What can you request as a meeting What planner? planner? Create Standards ________________________ Choose a Local Destination Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Volume Up ________________________ Decorate with Nature Use Paper Wisely ________________________ Inform Everyone Green Efforts… Green A few Specifics Provide environmentally responsible Provide give-aways give-aways Design displays with environmentally Design friendly materials friendly Request energy efficient lighting Signage should be made from Signage recycled/environmentally friendly materials materials Green Efforts… Green Signage should be donated after show, Signage or be made available for reuse or Try to minimize transportation Try Provide collection bins for less common Provide recyclable materials (batteries, vinyl table coverings…) coverings…) Provide an area to donate leftover Provide materials (flowers, signage, givematerials aways…) Service Contractors are on board… board… Bio-Boards for displays Lanyards made from recycled soda and Lanyards water bottles water Green shipping options Rental furniture made from recycled Rental materials… materials… Source for Green Information = Wilson, Nancy. “That’s Our Show, Folks!” Meetings South, December 2008 Source Meetings __________________? __________________? Any misrepresentation by a company Any that leads the consumer to believe that their policies and products are environmentally responsible, when their claims are false, misleading or cannot be verified verified Seven Sins of Greenwashing Seven Sin of ___________________ Sin of No Proof Sin of __________________ Sin of Irrelevance Sin of ___________________ Sin of the Lesser of Two Evils Sin of Worshipping False Labels 2007 Study by TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Consulting Company Prevent Greenwashing Prevent Meeting Planner ________________ Industry Apex Panel Understand criteria for Understand certifications and labels certifications ____________________ Take __________ Tours Certification in Green Certification Meetings and Events(CGME) Events(CGME) ...
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