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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Chapter Destination Management Destination Companies Companies You are a meeting planner… You Why hire a Destination Management Why Company? Company? Destination Management Companies Companies Definition is on page 187… Hired by meeting planner to provide local Hired _______________________________ to corporate and association gatherings. to Let’s take a look… Let’s http://www.atlasint.com/ http://www.metroconnections.com/index.php What can a DMC Provide? What __________ ____________ _____________ __________________ Suppliers and Vendors Credit and Buying Power More specifically…. More Hotel Selection Creative Itineraries Special Event concepts Creative Theme Design Event Production Sightseeing Options Team-building Activities Meeting Support Services Transportation Planning and Delivery Dining Programs Entertainers Speakers VIP Services Staffing Services Budgeting and resource management “Most planners consider the DMC as a Most ________________ of ______________in the destination.” ______________in DMC’s are expected to act on behalf of DMC’s ________________. ________________. Sample Event Programs Sample Corporate Meetings Conventions and Conferences Incentive Programs Special Events DMC’s are usually… DMC’s Small stand-alone single office Small companies that are locally owned and operated where the _________ runs the company and plays a ___________in sales, operations and administration. sales, Atlas International is owned Atlas by Jana Atlas by How does it work? How Identify DMC ________________ Site Inspections ______________________ Program Preparation Program ___________________________ ...
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