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364 chapter 5 student

364 chapter 5 student - EXHIBITIONS EXHIBITIONS Chapter 5...

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Unformatted text preview: EXHIBITIONS EXHIBITIONS Chapter 5 Exhibitions Exhibitions Trade Shows = Consumer/Public Shows = ____________ = “trade show segment of associations annual gathering” Who is involved? Who is involved? (pg 132) Association (or Company) Exhibition Management Company (?) Service Contractors Sellers = ___________ Buyers = ___________ Facilities (hotels, convention centers…) Exhibition Service Contractor Exhibition Service Contractor (pg 134) Freight handling and material storage Sound and Audiovisual Marketing Lighting Furniture/carpet/amenities Telecommunication Computer Electrical/gas/water resources Floor plan Exhibit installation and tear­down Facilities Facilities (pg. 133) Considerations for Exhibition Facilities _______ Amenities Availability of _________ Exhibitor preference _________ preference __________ _________ Lodging and Entertainment Factors to Consider when Factors to Consider when Planning or Participating _______________ (number and location) Food facilities and set­up __________________ Location of __________________ Location of _________________ ___________= MAJOR tool for selling space Program Considerations Program Considerations (pg. 134) Educational Entertainment Exhibitor Special Sections (new exhibitors, new technologies…) Celebrity Speakers Continuing Education for Certifications Spouse and children programs Internet access Location Location Same city every year (pros/cons) Change city every year (pros/cons) Marketing Marketing Market to two groups… 1. ___________ 2. __________ Technology’s Role Technology’s Role Marketing __________________ __________________ Risk and Crisis Management Risk and Crisis Management Pg 141 in book Why? Provides ____________ for risks ___________ risks (what would be impacted) ____________ risks (prioritizes) Provides __________________ Provides _____________ steps (minimizes costs) (Handout) Why do Exhibitors Exhibit? Why do Exhibitors Exhibit? (pg. 142) _______________ ___________________ Opportunity to meet with customers Learn about ___________________ Meet with _______________ Learn about changes within industry and keep up on trends (and competition) Return on Investment? Additional Marketing Opportunities Additional Marketing Opportunities _____________________ ________________Sponsorships _______________ in show daily ________________ in show directory ___________________sponsorship ...
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