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Unformatted text preview: A few tidbits from last week A few tidbits from last week Examples of Associations that plan meetings far in advance: NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) currently planned out through 2020 American Society of Association Executives Currently planned out through 2013 22000 members, 6700 attend annual meeting Meeting Professionals International Currently planned out through 2012 24000 members Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Meeting and Convention Venues How do you select a facility to house How do you select a facility to house your event? Selection must “fit” with venue Recognition? Board Meeting? Understand _______________of facility and the _________________ Must match “________” of group Who are they and why are they here? Who are they? Who are they? Meetings East/August/September/2007 ________ Generation (1901­1924) _________________________________ Not in workforce, but needs affect following generations _________ Generation (1925 – 1942) Financially _____________ Now spending money on themselves Some still in workforce Follow the lead of __________________ Who Are They? Who Are They? ________________ (1943 – 1960) Remain Influential What works for them _____________________ Like _______________________speakers Focus on individual rights _________________(1961 – 1981) First latchkey kids…now want to be around people You must ____________________ They do _________________________ ______________________________ Like ______________________ speakers Who Are They? Who Are They? ________________ (1982 – 2000) ______________________of boomers Attracted to ________________ Lead __________and will have access to grandparents money Spend money on ___________________ _____________________________________ _________________ (2001 – Present) Wants to _________ ___________________________________ Determining a Meeting Destination Determining a Meeting Destination Accessibility by air Accessibility by car Hotel Rates Hotel Quality Proximity of Hotel to Convention Center Convention Center Quality Convention Center Costs Amount of Meeting Space Amount of Exhibition Space Sightseeing Attractions CVB Services 1. … in Order of Importance … 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Some Considerations Some Considerations _________ needed and size of spaces? Board Room? Exhibit Hall? Break­out Rooms? ________ of Event Sleeping Rooms? __________ Penalties? Seasonality? Proximity of ___________________ to meeting space? Sightseeing and entertainment attractions? Options Options Hotel Convention Center Conference Center Retreat Facilities Cruise Ships Specific Use Facilities (amphitheaters, arenas, stadiums and sports facilities) Colleges and Universities Unusual Venues Issues Issues Obstacles Details that are sometimes not considered ________________________ Rigging _________________ Access Terms to note… Terms to note… ______________: Difference between the actual number of sleeping rooms picked up and the number agreed to in the terms of the contract. ______________: Period of time when the demand for a certain supplier’s product or service is usually high, low, or neither. References References h/article_display.jsp? vnu_content_id=1003529536 ...
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