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Review Questions-chp17

Review Questions-chp17 - 12 From the architect’s...

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REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What is meant by “environmental policy?” 2. Give some of the principal reasons why ecotourism has become a fast-growing component of international tourism. 3. Explain why nature and tourism are indeed interdependent (excluding urban travel activities). 4. List the natural appeals of a destination area with which you are familiar. 5. Are natural appeals confined to landscapes? 6. Enumerate the four (4) benefits of ecotourism. 7. How important a role do local people play in ecotourism? Explain. 8. Is international ecotourism big business? How big? 9. Why are many ecotours hosted by developing countries? 10. Is it important that local people share in the economic and social benefits of such tours? 11. Describe how economic leakage at the local level can be minimized.
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Unformatted text preview: 12. From the architect’s viewpoint, what is “environmental preservation?” 13. Referring to the previous question, provide some examples of how an architect applies this principle. 14. Define “carrying capacity” at a natural destination. How is this determined? 15. Elucidate on capacity controls and how they may be put into effect. 16. List the four (4) principal natural area management functions. 17. If you were marketing director for an ecotour company how would you (basically) proceed to market your tours? 18. Essentially, what is a “debt-for-nature swap?” 19. Why would the American Society of Travel Agents promote traveler environmental guidelines?...
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