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REVIEW QUESTIONS AND QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION What is “Tourism Policy?” Why is Tourism Policy important? What are the likely consequences of failing to develop a tourism policy for a given destination? How might Tourism Policy differ from different types and level of destinations? What is “Destination Competitiveness?” What factors determine if a destination is “competitive?” What is “Destination Sustainability?” What factors determine if a destination is “sustainable?” Who, in a tourism destination, is responsible for ensuring “competitiveness” and “sustainability?” What general economic and social policies are likely to have an impact on tourism? How might they
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Unformatted text preview: impact? What other sectors of the economy/society provide particularly significant “interfaces” that must be effectively managed for successful tourism? What are the characteristics of Tourism Policy that make it particularly challenging? What major disciplines can contribute significantly to helping us understand the phenomenon of tourism? What are the major components of a Tourism Policy? What is a “Destination Vision?” Who should be involved in its “crafting?” What is the difference between “crafting” and “formulating” a Destination Vision? Provide some examples of tourism objectives, and constraints....
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