Review to Ch 1 and example test questions

Review to Ch 1 and example test questions - Review...

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Review Questions and Questions for Discussion 1. Why are tourism definitions important? Why do they differ somewhat by country? 2. Differentiate tourists from excursionists. 3. How important is tourism to the world’s economy? The United States? Your country? Your state? Your city and/or area? 4. Identify the most important social, technological, and economic influences that have brought about tourism’s preeminent position in the world’s economy today. 5. How do today’s global communication systems facilitate the growth of tourism? 6. Why have international arrivals increased so dramatically since 1960? 7. Is the tourist business being over-taxed? Travelers? 8. What is meant by a person’s philosophy of travel? 9. List some trends in your state or country favoring increased domestic and international tourism to the year 2015. 10. List at least 14 social or economic benefits of tourism. What are some of its disadvantages/costs/problems? 11. What might be some reasons that France, Spain, and the United States lead in tourist arrivals? 12. Explain Dr. Jafari’s choice of discipline and approach diagram (Fig. 1.3). 13. Identify at least three (3) constructive government policies that would enhance tourism’s growth. 14. What qualities give a destination its special appeal? (Select several) EXAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS: CHOOSE THE BEST POSSIBLE ANSWER. 1. To be tourists, travelers may be: a. traveling for business purposes. b. traveling to set up a new business in another country. c. studying in a university for the freshman year. d. all of the above are tourists. 2. In the technical sense travel is: a. a term that includes all movement of people. b. undertaken for financial, military, personal business or enjoyment. c. not distinguishable from tourism. d. is mainly just a fun trip. e. really all of the above.
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3. A person traveling away from home for less that 24 hours is called a: a. traveler b. tourist c. excursionist d. domestic traveler e. any of the above is acceptable 4. The size of the U.S. tourism industry in 2006 was forecast by TIA at about: a. $397 billion. b. $69 billion. c. $769 billion. d. $700 billion. e. $582 million. 5.
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Review to Ch 1 and example test questions - Review...

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