AFRO 201 Topic 2 Lecture SP 09

AFRO 201 Topic 2 Lecture SP 09 - AFRO 201 Introduction to...

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AFRO 201 Introduction to African American Studies Topic 2: Outline Lecture Objective: To broadly understand the Black experience, we must understand the ideas & institutions that shape or inhibit Black life, culture, and politics. We discuss race/racism and African American responses through community-building, leadership, & ideologies. Race is the significance we assign to perceived sub-grouping of physical and cultural differences between human groups --- in US --- Black/African; White/European; Asian American/Pacific Islander; Native American; Latino(?). Race is a historical and cultural understanding & not biological . Racism is a (dominant) group’s use of race in order to exclude and subjugate other groups; thus creating hierarchies or rankings that privilege their beliefs, culture, political and economic power over subordinate groups. There is a difference between individual (or personal) racism vs. institutional (systematic) racism. Today’s effects? Prior to the 1640s, chattel slavery in the US was not institutionalized and “racialized” as solely black. But English colonialists began to use their notions of racial difference to address their colonial “labor problems.” White Supremacy: A value system and power structure that presumes African Americans (thus Black life, culture, art, beauty) are inherently inferior or secondary to Whites and White culture. Relate Tatum’s terms to this film : Prejudice : individual preconceptions based on racist information. Cultural Racism : when Black culture is degraded or seized by White American popular culture (ex: Minstrelsy, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, etc.) thus non-Blacks profit from Black Culture or stereotypes.
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AFRO 201 Topic 2 Lecture SP 09 - AFRO 201 Introduction to...

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