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AFRO 201 Topic 1 Lecture SP 09

AFRO 201 Topic 1 Lecture SP 09 - Section A Overview of the...

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Section A: Overview of the African-American Experience Topic 1: What is Africa to Me?: Post-Slavery & The Origins of the African American Experience Outline Lecture Objective: To understand the origins of the African American experience and to consider how sentiments of “double consciousness” have and still do shape that experience especially in light of struggles to overcome race and the vestiges of slavery. Africa, America, & Black Double Consciousness Black Patriotism and the First Reconstruction The Modern Significance & Diversity of “Blackness” Africa, America, and Black Double Consciousness Diverse Continent & Birthplace : Africa is diverse both in climate and people. A third of it is desert, and most of the population resides in the sub-Saharan savannah or grasslands; approximately 2,000 languages are spoken. Homo Erectus found there -- 1.6 million years ago; human settlements, about 200,000 yrs. Ago. Ancient & West African : For all of the debates about the Blackness of Egypt (important), we know that modern day Nubia (Kush, Meroe, & Axum) from 540 BCE to about 8 th century ACE, was “Black” & had Pharaohs who sat upon Egyptian throne. West African Civilization: From the region in which the ancestors of African Americans were taken, there emerged between about the 4 th century to 1591 three increasingly powerful & large empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai each which were influenced by Islam but built upon military power and trade – including internal & external slave trade. (More on this later.) “Sankofa” Questions What is Haile Gerima trying to say about Mona her connection to the West/European ideals vs. her connection to African values/ideals? Though Gerima uses symbolism to tell his story what would you guess emotionally occurs with African-Americans who like Mona go inside to discover the spirits of the El Mina castle? If you had to tell a story to fill-in what occurred to Shola that changed her from an afraid “house slave” to a militant “field slave”?
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