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Review Test 1 General Ideas to Know and Understand: 1) Dynamic Chart 2) Tone Color – identify instruments by sound use Britten Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra 3) Identifying Time Signature 4) Naming pitches on the staff (bass and treble clef) 5) Identifying Key Signature 6) Identifying Style Periods by date 7) Composers and listening examples from the Middle Ages and Renaissance Terms to Know: pitch interval octave dynamics accent tone color (timbre) theme and variation rhythm beat syncopation tempo largo grave adagio
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Unformatted text preview: andante moderato allegretto vivace presto prestissimo accelerando ritardando crescendo decrescendo staff ledger lines sharp sign flat sign natural sign clef (treble and bass) grand staff melody legato staccato marcato cadence harmony chord progression consonance dissonance triad scale major scale texture monophonic texture unison polyphonic texture counterpoint homophonic texture form ternary form binary form improvisation embellishments virtuoso conductor concertmaster style...
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