1960s Outline - f. Nature of the war g. Government...

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1960s Outline I. John F. Kennedy A. 1960 Election 1. Blue Bomb – “The Case of Martin Luther King” 2. Richard Nixon B. Biography C. New Frontier 1. Domestic Policy 2. Peace Corp 3. Presidential Commission on the Status of Women 4. NASA 5. Civil Rights D. Cold War 1. Cuban Revolution a. Bay of Pigs b. Cuban Missile Crisis i. Hot line ii. Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 2. Vietnam a. Green Berets b. Ngo Dinh Diem E. Assassination II. Lyndon Johnson A. Biography B. Great Society C. Vietnam 1. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 2. Operation Rolling Thunder 3. Anti-War Movement a. Free Speech Movement i. in loco parentis ii. Students for Goldwater iii. University bureaucracy b. Counterculture i. drugs ii. sex iii. music iv. Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary c. Campus protests i. Port Huron Statement ii. SDS iii. Dow Chemical d. Draft e. Credibility gap - Media
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Unformatted text preview: f. Nature of the war g. Government portrayal of the war III. 1968 A. Tet Offensive B. Johnson declares that he will not run C. King assassination D. Democratic Convention E. Nixon victory IV. Protest movements A. Roots in the Civil Rights Movement B. Womens Liberation 1. Betty Friedan 2. National Organization of Women 3. Miss America Pageant 4. Equal Rights Amendment C. Black Power 1. Stokely Carmichael 2. H. Rap Brown 3. Black Panthers D. Gay Liberation 1. Stonewall Inn 2. Gay Power 3. American Psychiatric Association E. United Farm Workers F. American Indian Movement V. Conservatism in the 1960s 1. Richard Nixon a. Law and order b. Southern strategy c. Eastern establishment...
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1960s Outline - f. Nature of the war g. Government...

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