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Civil Rights - outline

Civil Rights - outline - SNCC and Ella Baker 7 Election of...

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Civil Rights I. The Seeds of the Modern Civil Rights Movement A. Economics of the Long Civil Rights Movement 1. Union organizing 2. Discrimination in Federal Policy a. New Deal b. GI Bill c. Federal Housing Administration B. Expanding Black Middle Class 1. More economic opportunities 2. Education II. The Modern Civil Rights Movement A. Priorities 1. Education 2. Desegregating public spaces 3. Voting rights B. Major Players 1. NAACP 2. CORE 3. SNCC 4. SCLC 5. Journalists 6. Federal Government 7. Americans divided into political categories a. Liberals b. Moderates c. Segregationists C. Landmark Events and Prominent Figures 1. The Lynching of Emmett Till 2. Brown v. Board of Education 3. Little Rock 4. Civil Rights Act of 1957 5. Montgomery Bus Boycott a. Montgomery Improvement Association b. Unsung Heroes i. Joanne Robinson ii. E. D. Nixon iii. Rosa Parks c. Martin Luther King, Jr. d. SCLC e. The legacy of the boycott 6. Sit-ins a. Greensboro b. Nashville and James Lawson c.
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Unformatted text preview: SNCC and Ella Baker 7. Election of 1960 8. Freedom Ride a. CORE b. SNCC c. SCLC d. NAACP 9. Albany 10. James Meredith and Ole Miss 11. 1963 a. Birmingham b. Wallace and the University of Alabama c. March on Washington d. JFK assassination e. Four Little Girls 12. Johnson and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 13. Mississippi Freedom Summer a. Bob Moses and Dave Dennis b. Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party 14. Malcolm X 15. Selma to Montgomery March 16. Voting Rights Act of 1965 17. Watts Riot 18. Meredith March D. Cracks in the Movement 1. Black Power 2. Nonviolence vs. Self Defense 3. Narrow goals and a simple message 4. Economic Equality 5. Vietnam 6. King’s disillusionment 7. The media abandons the movement 8. Johnson feels and betrayed and Hoover attacks 9. Women in the movement III. The Legacy of the Movement...
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Civil Rights - outline - SNCC and Ella Baker 7 Election of...

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