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Cold War outline - C. Trumans Fair Deal D. Second Red Scare...

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Cold War outline I. World War II Fallout/Creating the Cold War A. The Holocaust B. The Yalta Conference C. United Nations D. Harry Truman and the Atom Bomb II. U.S. vs. Soviet Union and the Beginnings of a Cold War A. Criticism of the Soviets 1. Stalin 2. Communism B. Criticism of the U.S. C. Truman Doctrine and Containment 1. George Kennan 2. Greece D. Marshall Plan E. NATO F. Berlin Airlift III. Cold War at Home A. U.S. Economy B. 1948 Election
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Unformatted text preview: C. Trumans Fair Deal D. Second Red Scare 1. Why? 2. Domestic Policy a. Smith Act b. House of Un American Activities 3. Joseph McCarthy 4. Spy Cases a. Alger Hiss b. The Rosenbergs E. Cold War Anxieties 1. Film and Literature 2. Consumerism and Home Life IV. Cold War and Hot Wars A. China B. Korea V. Eisenhower A. 1952 Election B. Domestic Policies C. Ikes Outlook on the Cold War D. CIA...
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