The Rise of the City - outline

The Rise of the City - outline - D. Health and safety...

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The Rise of the City I. Immigration A. Ethnic tensions 1. Fragment working class 2. Some assimilation 3. Violence 4. Neighborhoods B. Anti-immigration groups 1. American Protective Association 2. Immigration Restriction League 3. 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act II. Public Space A. Parks B. Museums and galleries C. Beautification movement III. Housing crisis and transportation A. Suburbs B. Ghettos and tenement housing C. Transportation
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Unformatted text preview: D. Health and safety concerns IV. Crime and violence V. Machine Politics VI. Mass Consumption A. Higher incomes B. White collar workers C. Professional class D. Fashion E. Food F. Chain stores G. Women VII. Leisure A. Amusements 1. Movies 2. Amusement parks 3. Theater 4. Vaudeville 5. Saloons B. Spectator sports C. Mass culture D. Class divisions E. Literary perspectives...
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