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Industrial Revolution - Outline - B. Horizontal integration...

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Industrial Revolution I. Railroads A. Principal agents of industrialization 1. distance, time, communication 2. urbanization 3. modernization 4. national markets 5. tourism B. Modern corporation II. Innovation and free enterprise A. Flurry of new inventions B. Steel C. Impact 1. Social divisions a. Class b. Gender c. Race D. Mass production E. Assembly Line F. Taylorism G. Wealth III. Capitalism A. Captains of industry 1. Carnegie 2. Rockefeller
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Unformatted text preview: B. Horizontal integration C. Vertical integration D. Trusts IV. Capitalism and its critics A. Social Darwinism B. Gospel of Wealth C. Sot Party D. Henry George V. Immigration A. New waves of immigrants B. Ethnic tensions VI. Wages and Working Conditions A. Unskilled labor B. Dangerous work C. Child labor D. Unequal pay for women VII. Environmental Impact...
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