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Exam III study guide - Fall 2009

Exam III study guide - Fall 2009 - U2 Spy plane shot down...

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Exam III Study Guide In order to fully answer the identifications, you need to address: who, what, where, when, and the significance. The “when” needs to be a general date. The “where” can be regional or sometimes national, but it needs to be specific when called for. The “who” can be a group of people affected or in charge or it can be an individual. The “what” will be the more straightforward definition and the “significance” will be just that -why is this important to the study of history. Think in broad terms on this one. Each identification is worth five points. So, you will lose one point for each aspect of the “who, what, where, when, significance” equation that is left unanswered. Good luck and farewell. Yalta Conference Hiroshima United Nations Marshall Plan Containment Truman Doctrine GI Bill of Rights National Security Act of 1947 Joseph McCarthy House of Un-American Activities Alger Hiss Elvis Presley Richard Nixon’s Checkers speech Dwight Eisenhower
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Unformatted text preview: U2 Spy plane shot down in Russia in May 1960 CIA Sputnik Jacobo Arbenz The Hidden Persuaders Emmett Till Montgomery Bus Boycott SNCC CORE SCLC Orval Faubus Blue Bomb Reverend James Lawson Freedom Rides Stokely Carmichael Fred Shuttlesworth James Meredith Civil Rights Act Voting Rights Act Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Malcolm X Black Panthers The New Frontier Peace Corps Bay of Pigs Cuban Missile Crisis Green Berets and Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald The Great Society Lyndon Johnson VISTA Upward Bound Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Operation Rolling Thunder Tet Offensive in loco parentis Free Speech Movement Students for a Democratic Society Black Panther Party My Lai Massacre National Organization of Women Stonewall Riots Gay Power Cesar Chavez American Indian Movement Salvador Allende Daniel Ellsberg Pentagon Papers Watergate OPEC Sunbelt Love Canal Jimmy Carter Camp David Accords Iran Hostage Crisis Neoconservatives The Moral Majority...
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Exam III study guide - Fall 2009 - U2 Spy plane shot down...

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