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EDP369K April 8, 2010 Language Adversity Records of the world before us was transferred orally before anyone could read or write. Bibles, textbooks and journals were written with facts from the past known as history, but this history only exists because of the development of communication between people. In order to communicate, humans created language to express themselves and work with other humans in times of need. This same language that recorded the past has helped me a lot in my life, and without it I am not sure where I would be. Inspiration can be found a few ways, but one of the best is when someone uses written or spoken language to tell another person that they simply cannot achieve something. Professional athletes see this the most with newspaper columnists doubting each move they make, and they also post “bulletin board material” in their lockers when an opponent foolishly tells a media member that they should win easily or that he or she thinks the other team is weak. While I am no professional athlete except for when I’m dreaming, the same thing applies to college seniors like myself.
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EDP369KLanguageAdversity - E DP369K April 8, 2010 Language...

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