EDP369Kp22Ex1-1 - -AC& heat-suit and tie everyday-quiet...

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EDP369k p.22 Exercise 1-1 Characteristics of Dream Job -high salary -fun -working with sports/athletes -competition -freedom -work when I want to as hard as I want to Activities -representing people -helping minorities -protecting athletes from handlers/organizations -making deals -outsmarting people Education -Law school (3 more) Skills -photoshop -editing -trading Pay -I’m not sure what everything costs, but $100k jobs seem to be in the upper-echelon Working conditions -indoors -large office building -personal office not cubicle -flexible hours -work for myself or established person known to the world
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Unformatted text preview: -AC & heat-suit and tie everyday-quiet Location-city-private company-mild climate Co-workers-young & energetic-hard workers-male-dominated (I’m guessing) w/interests in sport Getting the job-don’t care about competition because I have to deserve success-want tons of competition & tons of responsibility-want to advance personal-won’t mind travel Boss-want to avoid someone always looking over my shoulder-want assignments and then freedom to complete ‘em...
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EDP369Kp22Ex1-1 - -AC& heat-suit and tie everyday-quiet...

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