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EDP369kPaper1 - hurt my ability to reach the top of the...

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EDP369K Tragedy Paper My scenario included a tragic car accident that left me confined to a wheelchair. While it would certainly be an obstacle to my personal life and personal goals, I’m not sure it would be a huge problem for my career because being physically competent has no bearing in my dream career. With the goal to be a sport agent in the next few years, a large amount of my success will be determined by my appearance so being paralyzed would certainly affect my ability to resemble the look of other agents in my field. This could be a bigger problem than anticipated because self-confidence is a major factor in acquiring athletes to represent. Athletes are required for business, and being seen as weak because of one’s physical condition would
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Unformatted text preview: hurt my ability to reach the top of the profession. Everything that happens is supposedly for a reason, and I would have to adjust to my circumstances. Changes to my personality and how I present everything to potential clients would be necessary, but I’m not sure how easy it would be. There would be no reason to completely change, yet a more confident approach would probably make the difference between a successful sport management firm and one that would fail. So alterations would have to be made to how I approach people, but it would probably make me feel stronger about my calling. It would take a ton of adaptation, but my interest in the job would help that happen....
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