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EDP369KPeopleComeToMeFor - he was a member of my fantasy...

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EDP369K March 1, 2010 People come to me for… My opinion on sports seems to matter to people as it is what I am asked for more than anything else. This is a good thing because sports are my passion and I am glad that I represent myself correctly among my peers. Oftentimes there is a debate at a party or social gathering, like on Saturday night when two friends of mine were yelling at each other over a player’s status in the NBA. One thought O.J. Mayo was in his rookie season in the NBA, and the other disagreed thinking he was in his second season. Both guys gestured for me to come over to them, and they asked the question of what year he was in the league and I answered that he was a “sophomore” or second-year in the league with one-hundred percent certainty because
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Unformatted text preview: he was a member of my fantasy basketball team when he was a rookie. It is certainly a nice feeling to answer questions and stop debates like these with one definitive answer, and that is what my friends rely on me for each and every day. While it would probably be better to be relied upon for advice in serious life decisions or how to handle situations with girlfriends, that’s not where my expertise lies and I won’t pretend that I am great with those things. I am very passionate about certain things and I don’t care about others, but I do feel like my intelligence in the realm of sports is respected among my friends, family and peers and there really is nothing more I could ask for from them....
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