edpfinal - What was your understanding of this topic before...

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What was your understanding of this topic before class? What in particular did you learn about this topic? How and why did this resonate with you? What will you take away from this topic and use in the future? Prior to class, motivation was a very simple concept that explained why certain people give their best effort to some things and not to others. It was no surprise to me that college football players would work their hardest to learn their playbook and the other team's tendencies for the nearest game on the schedule instead of paying attention in their philosophy class, but I really thought rewards were the way to get the best out of people. According to the TED talk on motivation performed in London by Dan Pink, I was completely and utterly wrong. While the American societal norms value competition and I do as well considering my love for sports, scientific research disagreed with me. The scientific data regarding group projects that measured efficiency and effectiveness to complete simple tasks completely blew my mind. My prediction for the experiments while Pink was introducing them were the direct opposite of what ended up happening. I figured the groups who had rewards on the line for how quickly they finished would finish their projects much more quickly than the groups who did not have the same opportunity, but I was wrong. I have a few doubts on the sample size of the experiment because such small scale studies can be completely thrown off by more intelligent problem solvers being placed on one non-incentive team, but I trust the scientists knew that and still determined that the information gathered was relevant. While the results were shocking to me, I am unsure about how I am going to
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edpfinal - What was your understanding of this topic before...

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