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Griffin Warner J360 Writing Assignment Three Despite the freedoms of speech and the press as clearly stated in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution, there is law written to protect an individual’s personal secrets and private moments. A person’s privacy, in this case Joe Jones’s privacy, needs to be a concern because of the extensive power of the media reflected in their role within the daily operations of the country. After hearing Jones’ side of the story and how his roommate was the one who informed the reporter, the lawyer would realize that the disclosed information was both limited and selective when shared, which would refute the reporter’s claims that it his information was a general availability to the public. Next, the newsworthiness of the disclosure would be called into question. In this case, the reporter’s claim that the public has a legal right to know that he entered rehabilitation for alcoholism would be invalid because it is a very common occurrence in today’s society.
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Unformatted text preview: Meanwhile, this story’s publication could be construed as a highly offensive and objectionable act because Jones would be treated differently by people who read this story. The difference in treatment, as a direct result of the story, would damage his feelings and his public perceptions, thus restating that this is indeed an issue of privacy. Jones is not prominent on campus in any activities or groups, and therefore he is a private citizen. Since he is a private citizen, he would have legal recourse against the newspaper for disclosure of private facts. He declined the reporter’s interview and he even said that he did not approve of his former roommate divulging his personal information, yet the story was still produced. For this reason, it is clear that the reporter was negligent in the creation of the story, and Jones would have a very good chance at winning a lawsuit....
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