KIN312 Exam III - Aggregate muscle grouping Elbows flexors...

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KIN312 Exam III Indiv. Char. That affect motor learning Abilities, attitudes, motivation, previous social exper, prior movement exper Skills Proficient movement action used in activity Technique Way the skill is performed Tactical Demands Competition ambient conditions adjustments strategies opp Mental Demands Attn arousal pain control Motor Development behavior ____ _____ Motor performance Observable attempt can feel/see Motor learning Permanent change in internal processes Motor devel Change in motor behavior SOAP Obj. Functional tests Stress tests Neurological tests Sport-specific tests Muscle properties Contractility Elasticity ___ ___ Fast-twitch vs. slow-twitch FT- white short-burst w/lots of nerves ST- red 3x longer to contract = more o2
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Unformatted text preview: Aggregate muscle grouping Elbows flexors work together as agonists Open kinetic Throwing a baseball no stablilizer Closed kinetic Pushups floor stabilizes Kinetic chain concept Extremities consist of several bony segments linked by joints Like a chain Lower extremity closed chain activities More functional than open-kin. Chain cuz they involve weight bearing Ex: hip flexion, knee extension, ankle dorsiflexion Open kinetic chain If distal end of the extremity is not fixed to any surface Planes???? Help!?!?!? Closed Kinetic Multiple joint movements Multiplanar & multiaxis makes you more productive Subroutines Need at least 3 no more than 5/6 a...
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KIN312 Exam III - Aggregate muscle grouping Elbows flexors...

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