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Need to understand Step1: id skill athletes need Step2: known athletes (BIA) Step3: analyze current status of athlete Step4: establish priorities (rank energy sys.) Step5: select methods for teaching (pedagogy) Step6: plan practices (periodization) Motor Skill Acquisition Product of many aspects Motor Behavior Motor learning: study of the acquisition of skills as a consequence of practice Motor control: study of the neural mechs & processes by which movements are learned & controlled Terminology Proximal: where joints/muscles insert Medial: inside Lateral: outside Superior: up Inferior: out Historical devel. Of motor learning/control Early (1880- Present (1970-pres) Emergence of motor learning and motor control w/in phys. Edu programs Areas of Study Structure of practice influences the retention of skills? How to facilitate the transfer of previous learning to learning of new skills? Information Processing Model Input: info from the envir. Thru senses Decision-making: what do I do, response selection Output: response execution Feedback: knowledge of results/performance Shakers Central Nervous System Movers Muscular System How CNS works Nerve cells Nerve Cells Sensory: bring msgs from sense organs to CNS Motor: bring messages from CNS to muscles to respond Motor Nerves Motor nerves bring msgs from CNS to muscles Hardware = Gila Personality Influences
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Impact personality (internal motor) on development Relationship b/w personality/learning styles/athletic performance Do athletes differ from non-athletes? Do athletes learn diff? Can athletes in certain sports be different than athletes in other sports? Do individuals play certain sports because of their personality? Higher skilled athletes have diff. personality than lower skilled? Does personality predict success? Muscular System = the movers Pathway Myelin sheath: speeds up transmission, fatty tissues is better for nerves Terminal button: end of axon, secretes neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters: chemical messengers Synapse: point at which neurons interconnect where everything occurs Organization of nervous system See sheet CNS Afferent: toward CNS Efferent: away from CNS Peripheral Nervous System Somatic nervous system Autonomic nervous system (ANS): sympathetic, parasympathetic Neurotransmitters Specific neurotransmitters work at specific synapses Agonist: mimics neurotransmitter action Antagonist: opposes action of a neurotransmitter 15-20 neurotransmitters known at present interactions b/w neurotransmitter circuits States Learning = internal but performing is external (observable behavior) Learning vs. Performing Learning: relatively permanent change in behavior/performance as a result of instruction/ experiences/study/practice Performing; observable act of skill execution Motor learning/control/development Intentional (technical) Learning Deliberating focusing on component, what do you feel, speed increases, measurable
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KIN312Exam1 - Need to understand Step1 id skill athletes...

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