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Unformatted text preview: Griffin Warner KIN312 Dr. Sanders December 2, 2009 Field Experience Journal For my field experience area of interest, I chose the Texas Swimming and Diving team. Head Coach Eddie Reese is one of the top coaches in the profession, and that has been confirmed by his ability to attract great athletes and bring them to Austin, Texas for college. According to the website (2009), his teams have won nine national championships at the University of Texas, and three of those have come in the last seven years (p. 1). From the stands of the Red and Sheri McCombs swim center, I was able to watch the team practice on five different occasions and actually got to interview former Texas swimmer and Olympian Garrett Weber-Gale. I don’t have much of a swimming background besides swimming in a few competitive events when I was eight or nine years old, but from watching a legend I felt like I learned a lot. If I ever become a coach, I would expect to model my practices in a similar fashion to the way Coach Reese does. Throughout his practice, he utilizes an immense amount of instruction. He focuses on technique before sending his swimmers into the water, and he makes sure that his athletes understand what they need to work on fully before they create incorrect muscle memory. One of my major problems in technical sports I played in the past was a difficulty to completely understand what coaches were teaching me. In order to learn something completely, I must rebuild it mentally and it teaching me....
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KIN312FieldExperienceJournal - Griffin Warner KIN312 Dr....

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