9 - kind of sport& social context for sport inherited by...

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KIN350 11/9 Effects of Feedback between Sport and Media Commodification Commercialization Politicization Commodification product or service which was once freely available becomes bought or sold Necessitates: capacity to assign property rights ability to exclude non-payers from consumption Event media coverage <-- audience <--sponsors --> $$ Commercialization product/service starts being managed/marketed to optimize value symbols: signal that something special is happening --> sense of meaning/felt importance Politicization product/service becomes tool for politics results in: sport events as tools for political statements compromises the consequent quality of sport Bottom line where you see the challenges and opportunities is up to you what you choose to do about each will determine
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Unformatted text preview: kind of sport & social context for sport inherited by children & grandch Sport and the Media info entertainment social integration social change Linkages b/t mass media and sport newspapers sports readers 5x others magazines books radio film television Impact of television first sport televised = NCAA baseball increasing TV sports coverage eco of televised sports Vertical integration media empires owning sport teams Strategic dependency expansion of teams in major sports necessity in golf/tennis/soccer Other effects franchise locations intercollegiate sport football basketball: more teams = more revenue 80% of NCAA revenue tv has its own sports american gladiators x games televised sport = media event altered to suit media...
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9 - kind of sport& social context for sport inherited by...

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