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KIN350 Why Sport Sociology? Understand Sport Understanding the Sport Fans, athletes, effects of sport, sport policies, cultural differences, changes in sport Effects of Sport In other industries gambling (why sports not a lottery?) Being more effective practitioner Seabiscuit Symbolizes to the American people that we can come out of the depression Horse racing = popular cuz everyone could gamble there legally Radio just came out so new media helps Hero vs. celebrity: not the perfect looking horse w/imperfect past so ppl could relate better Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral: Average joe (despite being money leader) vs. aristocrat MJ cuz everyone wanted to fly- ishi
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Unformatted text preview: Can Michael Jackson be a hero? Yeah, he made thrillerruss carter He went to sleep on national television russ Celebrity vs. Hero Celeb: endorsement, own agenda, not significant, immoral Hero: relatable, influential, overcame barriers Agents of Socialization Parents motheractivity fatherskill/talent Peers: friends, scholarships Teachers: kids arent as revved up, calming Coaches: need players, can better teach intermediate players to become advanced What children say they want Action Personal involvement in the action Exam Know theories why lower socio-eco dont play tennis? Conflict. why women dont play football? Feminist. Date of Title IX: 1972...
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