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Competitive sport has been a major part of my nearly twenty-one years on this planet. As a young child, my life was filled with sports because I played all-year long. I was most skilled in soccer and baseball, but I really enjoyed other ones like basketball despite not being as talented. Both of my parents played soccer in college, and I always "played up" a level starting at about four years-old. It was challenging always being the youngest player in my league, but by the time I started playing in my age group I was far and away the best player there. It was an awesome feeling to tally 36 goals in one season when I finally stayed back to play people that were my age, but playing soccer in the fall, winter (indoors) and summer were taking a major toll on my interest in the sport. While I was playing on travel teams all around Southern New England, I began having heel problems from constant wear and tear on my feet playing in what probably was poor shoes on tough surfaces. With the injury problems came major disinterest in the sport to the point where I stopped playing soccer in the summer to focus on baseball. The next winter I was playing indoor soccer and basketball, going from one practice to the other every Tuesday and Thursday night. I was small and not very experienced with the game of basketball, but something about the sport made me love it. I remember the best part of soccer practice being the end when Coach Joe Cabral let us play basketball in the converted Sacred Heart school gym. There was also a bit of a language barrier in the sport because almost every good player in our area was of Portuguese descent. It was only a real issue in practice, but I did have a very hard time understanding what Coach Joe was telling me to do. Other non-
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KIN350PersonalExperienceAnalysis - Competitive sport has...

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