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KIN350PolicyProposal - Griffin Warner KIN350 Policy...

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Griffin Warner KIN350 November 30, 2009 Policy Proposal Obesity is a growing problem in the world, but it is currently a serious concern for the United States of America. Foreign countries view Americans as overweight and lazy, which is far from true in a country that was built by proactive people more than two hundred years ago. In order to get rid of this problem, the government needs to take a more important role in establishing programs to encourage exercise in children to help them establish habits that they will retain throughout their lives. Finances are a major obstacle in anything that the government tries to do in this country. Therefore, taxes will need to be included in the funding of the program. Recently elected President Barack Obama had promised to remove US troops from the Middle East, and their removal would be very important for this proposal. With the trillions of tax dollars previously spent on the war now freed for other types of spending, Congress would have economic capital available to mandate a federal exercise program. The federal exercise program will work within elementary and middle schools to promote physical activity. Similarly to the “No Child Left Behind” act passed in 2001, there will be a system put in place where schools will be judged by a government body independent to the schools to make sure they are following the guidelines. Schools that meet the required levels of physical activity for their students will receive additional funding from the government that can be used for additional programs determined by its principal or superintendent. Meanwhile, the schools who fail to meet the standards set
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forth by Congress will not receive the additional funding and will also be subject to penalties. These penalties would include decreased funding and possibly other sanctions that would force those same principals and superintendents to resign from their positions if a school continues to be delinquent. Aside from the extra resources or sanctions given to or placed on the schools, the actual program would create an additional required class for all elementary and middle school students. The plan would basically add a class at the end of the day where students
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KIN350PolicyProposal - Griffin Warner KIN350 Policy...

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