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References Clark, Charles (1991). Sexual Harassment: Men and Women in Workplace Power Struggles. Washington, DC. Retrieved from Collins, B.W. (2007). Tackling Unconscious Biases in Hiring Practices: The Plight of the Rooney Rule. New York University Law Review, 82 (3), 870-912 . Retrieved from Florio, Mike (2009). NFL Extends “Rooney Rule” to Senior Football Operations Jobs. NBC Sports . Retrieved from Hochbaum, R. S. (2010). And it Only Took Them 307 Years: Ruminations on Legal and Non-Legal Approaches in Diversifying Head Coaching in College Football. Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Journal, 17 (1) , 161-228 . Retrieved from Maravent, Bram (2006). Is the Rooney Rule Affirmative Action – Analyzing the NFL’s Mandate to its Clubs Regarding Coaching and Front Office Hiring.
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Unformatted text preview: Sports Lawyers Journal, 13, 233-274 . Retrieved from Maravent, Bram and Ben Tario (2007). Leveling the Playing Field: Can Title VII Work To Increase Minority Coaching Hires In NCAA Athletics. The Florida Bar Journal . Rooney Rule Debate Sparked by Recent Questionable Interviews (2010). Associated Press . Foxborough, MA. Retrieved from id=09000d5d815a29fc Scanga, E. (2004). Glass Ceiling Employment and Racial Discrimination in Hiring for the Head Coaching Positions in the National Football League. Seton Hall Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law, 14 (2) , 481-516 . Retrieved from Thornton, P. K. (2007). The Legacy of Johnie Cochran Jr.: The National Football League’s Rooney Rule. Thurgood Marshall Law Review, 33 (1), 77-94 . Retrieved from
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KIN353DebateReferences - Sports Lawyers Journal 13 233-274...

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