KIN353ExamII - Torts -to make whole -a private/civil wrong...

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Torts -to make whole -a private/civil wrong suffered by an indiv. Because of someone’s conduct -uncodified Intentional torts -must be: injury, proximate cause, intent Knight v. Jewett (1992) -only liable for gross negligence & reckless miscondut not ordinary negligence Nabozny v. Barnhill (1975) -first to use reckless misconduct classification Hackbart v. Cincinnati Bengals inc. -courts do not usually support player-on-player violence claims Patrons -train employees, verbal situation diffusion, reasonable force Nydegger vs. Don Bosco Prep -aggressive play = encouraged in sports Criminal law’s theory involves -prevention, rehabilitation, moral edu. Siesto v. Bethpage Union Free School District (1999) -no assumption of risk to be hazed when joining something DeShaney vs. Winnebago County (1989) -gov. doesn’t have a duty to protect unless they should have known Meeker v Edmundson (2005) -coaches can be liable wrestling coach authorized attacks Key points -relationship b/w victim & institution no relation no duty -no comparative negligence defense can’t contribute to own hazing -schools/officials immune if acting in realms of pro discretion -parents may be liable Alfred univ study -80% of athletes hazed 12% called it hazing -51% of hazing involve alcohol -60% wouldn’t report hazing to officials -highest risk: swimmers/lax/soccer Alfred’s recs -establish an anti-hazing culture -must be a policy that starts with the institution -recruit visit policies -offer team-building initiation rites training coaches/players Civil litigation -when hazing is perceivable Managers -work with coaches to develop “rites of passage” Tort law = to make whole
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Defamation -lost something so it’s a tort to make whole Defamation possibilities -impairment or reputation, standing in the comm., personal humiliation, mental anguish, suffering Per se -On it’s face = automatic plaintiff doesn’t have to do anything public official -works for and is paid for the gov.
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KIN353ExamII - Torts -to make whole -a private/civil wrong...

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