KIN353ExamIII - Equal Pay Act (1963) -skill -effort...

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Equal Pay Act (1963) -skill -effort -responsibility -working conditions identify male & female comparators -direct comparison needed -not based on job titles instead job content Need to show -jobs are substantially equal not identical -employer has no affirmative defenses Substantially equal -2step analysis jobs have a common core of tasks? Can employer explain why the pay diff? Affirmative defenses -seniority, merit, production, anything NOT sex Equal Pay Act Key Case -Stanley v. USC (1994)—woman not getting paid same amt. Ravling > experience w/additional tasks (public speaking, media) Title 7 of Civil Rights act of 1964 -unlawful to discriminate on basis of race/color/religion/gender/descent in employ -broader than EPA covers all aspects not just wages Civil Rights Act 1991 -title 7 amended to permit jury trials Establishing cases under Title VII -defendant subj. to provisions of the statute
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KIN353ExamIII - Equal Pay Act (1963) -skill -effort...

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