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Griffin Warner KIN353 Opinion Paper A high school football player is seeking damages for injuries he sustained while playing high school football in the case of William Brown v. Anywhere School District. The player, William Brown, was severely injured when he tried to tackle an opponent and his case is based on the thought that negligence is what caused his paralysis. Negligence cases require four elements to be present in order for a party to be considered “negligent,” and that is what the plaintiff was trying to prove. William Brown’s attorneys were attempting to show that the defendants had a duty to Mr. Brown, and that they acted in a way that breached their duty. In addition, negligence precedent required them to show that the act was the proximal cause of the breach of duty and that it resulted in damages to Mr. Brown. First, the defendant’s duty had to be established, which was because Brown was a student in the Anywhere School District. Along those lines came the question about whether or not coaches taught improper tackling or encouraged dangerous techniques that could have increased the risks of injury. Coach Ed Kints went under oath to defend himself and he testified that he had never taught his players to spear when tackling, nor had an injury like this happened before this event. He described his tackling motto as “facemask to numbers,” which was not what Brown did in the play where he was injured. The situation was problematic because Brown did not perform the way he was taught, but
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KIN353SportsBonusTrial - Griffin Warner KIN353 Opinion...

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