KIN 354 Fan ID(2)

KIN 354 Fan ID(2) - Alex Hubbard Griffin Warner ASSIGNMENT...

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ASSIGNMENT 1 You and your partner must attend one of the following events: UT Volleyball v Georgia 9-12 6:30 P.M. Gregory Gym Both you and your partner should complete the following assignment independently WHILE you are at the game. Afterwards, you will combine your assignments into a single, type-written report. Your combined report is due at the start of class on Tuesday, September 16 th . In-Game Assignment 1. Observe the jerseys that fans are wearing. a. Count & record the jersey # of at least 10 fans you see. Start at one point in time & record the next 10 jersey #’s you see. There was only one fan with an actual jersey, the #10 jersey which corresponds to Ashley Engle, but her name was not on it per NCAA rules. We saw a large number of “Texas Volleyball” shirts, in place of the jerseys you would see at a Texas football game. b. Which players’ jerseys do you see most often? #10, once. c. Interview at least one fan. Identify yourself as a student in sports marketing & then ask: Why do you like to wear that jersey to the game? (record answer) A fan with a “Texas Volleyball” shirt said “it shows I’m not a random fan and I actually care.” d. Explain how these fans likely identify with players due to either perceived success or similarity. The team is always highly ranked, which makes it much easier to identify. Although the players do not always resemble their fans, the fans still identify with them because of their work ethic and success for a university they support. In terms of similarity, students will always root for their classmates to do well and make their college look impressive e. In terms of similarity, what team or player characteristics are likely to drive fan identification with these players? Success, Athleticism, Hustle, Ability, Energy 2. How does indirect & direct contact with players build fan identification? a. Provide an example of this that you have personally observed or experienced. Players throwing team memorabilia into the crowd when they are introduced into the starting lineup builds fan identification, as they also do when they hang around after the game to speak with their fans. We also have a personal example where we met some players from the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island when they were in town for the playoffs. Due to the fact that they were signing autographs in a city far away from their home state, they were building a fan base with people who liked another team. They almost guaranteed being a second-favorite team who would probably get some support from these people.
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b. What can (does) the team do to facilitate these kinds of opportunities? The team facilitates fan identification by making their athletes available to interact with
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KIN 354 Fan ID(2) - Alex Hubbard Griffin Warner ASSIGNMENT...

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